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But wait, there's more

February 23rd, 2012 at 08:51 am

Aren't I done yet? Actually, I guess I'll never be done. Money is like food, something you have to keep doing all the time. Can't stop eating. Must keep buying food and cooking and cleaning. Good thing I like cooking. And I like money stuff too.

K could never do all this, it would drive him crazy. When I met him his financial strategy was to own a house, figure out what his bills were and what was reasonable to spend, and put the rest in his 401K. He actually told me that he couldn't take me on a real date for a few weeks till he changed his withholdings 'cause girlfriends weren't in the budget. He likes it simple. Me, I'm more complicado.

K does appreciate all I do though. And he does listen. I had to talk with him about his spending a few days ago, he spent ~$1800 on his credit card last month. None of this was bills, about $500 was necessary (doctors/drugs/gas) plus food. I don't know what's reasonable to spend on food for him, but he needs to eat better. Less fast food. He's agreed to seriously curb his spending, and I know he will. He just forgets. As I do. I spent $3600 on my credit card last month, and most of the food I buy is cash at the farmers market. There were 2 trips on this - one for $1000 for my niece to go to London in Nov I had to buy it now to get a specific seat beside her mom, and its the only direct flight option so I was going to choice that flight anyhow. My flight can wait since there are at least 6 direct ones per day to choose from. I had the money to pay for this in a savings account. The other flight was a friend visiting (in 2 days!) for $600. I bought more household things than usual because I started buying things online to help pay my friends student loan through Upromise. (my contribution is up to $104 so far!).
I'm going to go work on K's retirement for a bit. I'm confused. It looks like one of his accounts he had with a job he only had for 8 months or so got cashed out. In the fall, and it was $3000 so I should remember. Sigh. Glad I"m keeping track now. :}

2 Responses to “But wait, there's more”

  1. Joan.of.the.Arch Says:

    'cause girlfriends weren't in the budget. Big Grin Made me laugh.

  2. Jerry Says:

    Ouch, that was quite a hit on the credit card! Even with health insurance or doctor's costs and others, that can lead to a big chunk of the budget. Sorry about that, but it is great that you are taking control of the situation, right? That is what counts...

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