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Rambings feb 21

February 21st, 2012 at 08:58 am

So much for my discipline of posting every day and keeping up. Now I have to remember what I've done lately.

I know I've spent some money. Bought my nieces ticket for the Europe trip in Nov. My sister is flying on points and had to book and I wanted them to sit together. (I"m paying for her kid 'cause I am bringing her as my friend, I"ll bring her other 2 kids on different trips). The flight was $900, I paid on a credit card and paid it off already from the funds in my 'London' account. The London account is drained to $600. I am waiting to book my plane till we get closer, I have many options, there are several airlines that fly direct which is the only way I fly, its a HUGE difference between a 10 hour flight and a 7 hour flight, 5 hour wait, then 5 hour flight. Given how much it costs to be at the destination and how short a time one will be there, I like to minimize jet lag. (I'm still waking up and my English is not coming out well, sorry). I also ramble..... even more than usual.....

What else did I do? I did go through all my brokerage accounts and made sure stocks were bought. I had a limit order in for today, just checked and it looks like it went through.

I set up an automatic monthly transfer of $200 to go into k and mine's joint brokerage account. I did this before and bought 99 cent only stock, and it made a few thousand that was useful a few years back when k lost his job. I kept a few shares for nostalgic reasons, and they got sold in January when the company went private. So I had a bit of cash in the account. But now its all invested, and I'll keep doing that each month when the money gets transferred. ING has a great program where they will automatically buy stock for you, and you can buy partial shares and use your entire payment.

I also set up my online banking at USAA so it can see a lot or my other accounts, like firsttrade and ING. That's helpful.

I also helped k set up an IRA, and I need to start the process of rolling it over for him. He currently has funds in a few Fidelity funds from a job he no longer works at. I don't like them because of the fees. I am really against fees, I rarely see funds that are worth it. (I have some notable exceptions). I would rather his money be under his (my) control where we can either put it directly in stocks, or in a low cost index fund.

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