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Update Jan 27

January 27th, 2012 at 09:32 am

I think I have my IRA stuff as organized as I need for taxes, so I'm going to move on. I still need to list the stocks I sold in non-IRA accounts that I need to account for taxes.

And I should continue on the accountant form to see what else I need to do. Week and a half till the appointment...

I need to print out 1099s today.

And I can work a bit more on organizing and start to track down the official statements I don't have yet. I got one of my W-2s. I have a plan to spend time next Wednesday when I'm on campus to track down my other W2, either try to get into the system or figure out where the paper copy went.

If I can get that done today that will be good progress, and perhaps I will be inspired to do something else. Plugging away at this a little bit a day has really been helpful, its made the task not so overwhelming and easier to stay focused and amused. Its how I organized the house, an hour or two a day.

I will be happy when taxes are over. Noon at Feb 4th. My meeting is at 10. I bring Ks stuff too. Since he wasn't working 1/2 the year I'm just claiming everything and he'll do a EZ or whatever the simple returns are. I know I could do it, but I like the accountant to do it for continuation, and I"ll need her help next year if we do split things. (cross fingers he keeps his job...). I used to do my taxes myself, even with the business (sole proprietor so it goes on my form). But when k and I got together and I had to start dealing with stock options and such, I went to an accountant. Saved me a few thousand that year on deductions I didn't know about, so I haven't done my own taxes since. I've had a few naive people tell me it must be nice to not have to do anything for taxes since I have an accountant do it all. I then baffle them by saying I tend to take 10-20 hours to prepare.

2 Responses to “Update Jan 27”

  1. Dido Says:

    Yes, there's a good deal of prep work in getting ready, and you are definitely saving yourself money by doing that. The office I worked for always encouraged and tried to guide clients to doing what they needed to do....you want to pay accountants for their expertise and not for the grunt work.

  2. Jerry Says:

    We also have an accountant complete our taxes because my wife is a professional singer and this leads us to have a strange return every year. We also take time to prepare our documents, because we are living overseas and some of the stuff is not in English, so it's only fair! We want to have some insurance that he's not totally bogged down by our return.

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