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ING and Disneyland

January 19th, 2012 at 07:41 pm

Finally got into my ING account. I have several savings accounts adding to about $3000. And a stock account (with cash) of $4600. Need to invest/move at some point.

Had fun the last few days, but most of my financial things were about spending.

Disneyland was $240 (tickets) + $54 (mouse ears) + $60 Lunch + $7 (snacks) + $15 (parking)= $376. For 3. My niece said it was her best birthday ever so that's priceless.

I don't have an estimate on how much I spent for the time the girls were here, I tried to pay for everything. We ate out a few times, and went shopping. I bought the birthday niece who just got a job she needs to dress for, some clothes and shoes. We went to discount stores (Marshalls and Payless) and only spent about $100 for several outfits and 2 pairs of shoes. I bought myself a new shirt for $15.

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  1. PurpleLight Says:

    BTW, the snacks at Disneyland was a bottle water and 1 fanta drink (they shared) and for lunch we went to Downtown Disney and had 2 individuals pizzas and a salad and 3 non-alcoholic drinks. So we ate for 2. Very pricey.

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